Art is a Caricature

Inventive deliberation Art is an exaggeration, an accentuation on the quintessence of a customary, ordinary subject. Everything around us can be viewed as a standard regular subject or any single thing around us can be detached and its excellence and uniqueness uncovered by close investigation. The character or uniqueness of anything is acknowledged by concentrating on it. This uniqueness is regularly portrayed in craftsmanship.

Attributes are the qualifications that give something its flavour. A cartoon can accentuate a wide range of highlights... structure as in a model, feeling as in a melody, shading as in a work of art, line as in style. The sea is a standard mix of air and water blended in with salts, life and light. However, an exaggeration can catch the embodiment of this subject, enough to engage the faculties and to persuade the eye of its closeness to the real world. An exaggeration is comprised of the key qualities that outline the subject.

My work catches the embodiment of magnificence, that is exceptional to the ocean. My speciality is sensible... in any case, it isn't. It would appear that the sea, however on the other hand... the sea doesn't have pieces of paint in it. The sea doesn't have wriggly white lines on top of it, yet from a separation... it appears to. Craftsmanship is an exaggeration of life. My work is a cartoon of the living excellence of the ocean. My craft portrays a snapshot of the seas unending movement.

A personification features the character, the distinction and uniqueness of the subject. The vast majority have almost no character, they have just watered down variants of themselves. A character stands apart as an individual and an object of intrigue. Individuals who are normal, standard and cautious have put extreme confinements all alone articulation. They are not personifications, they have made themselves into wisps of what they could be, limiting their plans to coordinate the envisioned desires for a dull society.

Those couple of on the planet who are not reluctant to act naturally, stand apart as peculiarities. These are the imaginative people that are regularly ridiculed. They are misjudged on the grounds that their dreams are not shared by a safe society. Society works on a concurred foundation of average quality and tastelessness. There is no space for a person in a sheltered society.

Individuals with character, or character, are loaded with their own being. They are not hesitant to step into new thoughts and to test examples of conduct that don't acclimate. These peculiarities are the 'characters' that add light to a generally boring assortment of unoriginal individuals. These individuals are the splendidly hued living works of art that outrage the dismal dark masses around them. My craft isn't the ocean, it is an exaggeration of the ocean. It is the embodiment of the ocean. My craft is an exaggeration of the consistently changing gloriousness encompassing our planet.

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